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Image resizer: In this nano-technology era everything is compact and precise. Now we have converted all heavy weighing computers into LED desktops and mini-laptops. And with this advancements in technology, photography has also increased to a great extent.

Hey, I am not talking about Photoshop latest versions. Those are old fashioned items. Now-a-days there are various online tools available and those you can use as image resizer, photo editor, image cropper, image compressor, and as other editing tools.

Previously the images shot by digital cameras were not of high qualities. They were of some KB. But now-a-days the images are used to be in MB with HD qualities, even if you shot from an average smartphone. Therefore many issues comes during the downloading and uploading process.

But the online image resizer tools available on the internet has done the process very easy. Now, within few clicks you can resize any images or photos online.

Here in this article I am going to list out some best online image resizer tools available in the internet.

4 best Image resizer websites on the internet

Lunapic – VISIT HERE

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This online tool has no fancy or professional look, but it is quite impressive. At first you have to upload your image, then in the Menu header you will many image editing tools like crop, resize, sketch, color effects, etc.


Image result for pixlr

It’s a great online photo editor for all your editing needs. At first you have to open the image from your computer. Then you will access the tool from the left side various Menu options.

The good news in Pixlr is available for Android phones DOWNLOAD HERE.

Be funky – VISIT HERE

Image result for BE FUNKY

It’s again a great photo editor! There is a special feature here; i.e. you can make collage. You can also edit photos online. You can also design photos like event graphics, thank you cards, posters, etc. At first you have to upload a photo to get started.

After uploading you will get all editing options in the left side menu.

Some other image resizer tools are also there in this list-

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