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Fast Business loans: Today I will be reviewing a Canadian Business loan lender firm named LENDIFIED which provides fast small business loans online. This business loan lending company is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Their team had a banking experience and deeper knowledge of financial services; and with these two combos, they started this lending firm.

LENDIFIED’s main mission is to support the economic backbone of their country i.e. small businesses. Their advanced technological aspects also helped them to supply fast business loans through online mode.

Fast Business loans in Canada- “Lendified” review

Lendified provides streamlined loan approval process when the borrower actually need it. Secure access, instant approval and within the next business day, get your fund!

Easy application process-

The application process completes within 10 mins.

  1. Easy and simple online lending application
  2. Tell us about yourself and your business
  3. Select the amount you need for your business
  4. Answer some questions to let LENDIFIED validate your identity
  5. Once everything verified, you will get the fund within the next 48 hrs

The loan amount-

You can be qualify upto $150,000. You can repay with various time period options available like 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months.

Basic qualification needed-

They just need some basic factors for the loan approval-

  1. The borrower must have at least 610 credit score
  2. At least one year of running business
  3. A revenue of $100K annually

Trustworthy, safe and secure system-

Lendified backend advanced technology keeps all its client information and data safely in their system.

Lendified small business loan calculator-

Calculate how much amount do you need and then apply for the loan. Loan calculator VISIT HERE

There are other business loan lending companies online-

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