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FastComet review {Latest updated} – Hey, so you are planning for a web-hosting? Good! Before I start this post, let me introduce myself. Hi this is Anirudh, a blogger and internet geek. I have been blogging since 2015. I am also a digital marketer who loves stuffs like SEO [search engine optimization], social media marketing, internet digital marketing, blog marketing, and other search engine marketing.

Here in this Report I will be explaining you the full FastComet hosting review. I will explain you each and every detailed feature related to FastComet hosting! I will also compare the FastComet hosting plan with-

  • Fastcomet vs. Hostgator
  • Fastcomet vs. Bluehost
  • Fastcomet vs. Godaddy
  • Fastcomet vs Siteground

Here I have tried my level best to explain you everything from A to Z about FastComet review, with a full detailed analysis report. So, let me start!

FastComet REVIEW {Latest updated}

fastcomet review - full review with deep analysis SUMMARY

fastcomet review – full review with deep analysis SUMMARY


fastcomet review - WHY it is the best and trending hosting provider ever

fastcomet review – WHY it is the best and trending hosting provider ever

FastComet hosting – The most popular and trending Services they offer

1. Shared hosting – Click here

fastcomet review - shared hosting plans details

fastcomet review – shared hosting plans details

2. SSD Cloud based VPS hosting – Click here


fastcomet review - SSD Cloud based VPS hosting

fastcomet review – SSD Cloud based VPS hosting

3. Dedicated server hosting – Click here


fastcomet hosting review - Dedicated server hosting

fastcomet hosting review – Dedicated server hosting

So, why you should go with FastComet Hosting? Here are the key-features-

[FastComet is fast and hack free]

1. FastComet provides better performing servers with hack-free hosting

2. With the SSD [solid state drive] Storage feature you will get 300 % fast performance-boost for your database

3. FastComet provides free Cloudflare CDN [content delivery network] with all its hosting plans

4. With the web application firewall feature your site will be safe from security threats

So, the key feature here is you will get 300 % fast performance with the SSD [solid state hard drive] storage. Check the below comparison chart. Compare the SSD servers.

Look at the prices! In the chart, only 3 hosting companies provide SSD servers with different prices. FastComet is the only one which provides SSD in such a low cost!

FastComet comparison with other hosting providers

fastcomet review - FastComet comparison with other hosting providers

fastcomet review – FastComet comparison with other hosting providers

So, you will get 300 % boost performance with the SSD drive. But why speed is an important factor?

Not only search engines like google and bing; but human also likes fast loading websites. As per google search engine ranking factor, site-speed plays an important role for SERP [search engine result page].

Therefore if you really want to rank your site on the top of google or any other search engines, you need to have a high speed performing website/blog.

See the below comparison chart! As per the graph FastComet takes only 395 millisecond to load. You can compare this millisecond speed with other provides as shown in the chart.

fastcomet hosting review - fast performing servers

FastComet hosting server performs very well in google page loading, as their server comes with Google page speed optimization which improves page load time faster upto 21 %.

[Same renewal price; no hidden fees]

Did you know that your web hosting renewal price is always higher than the initial price! Basically there are 2 types of prices in hosting companies-

1. Initial price [sale price OR offer price OR first price]

2. Renewal price [next price to continue hosting after the opted time period]

Initial price is the price which we pay at first to get a new hosting from a web hosting firm. Say for example we paid $50 for one year hosting in a hosting company. After 1 year of hosting our next renewal price would be almost double i.e. $104.

But FastComet hosting company has the same renewal price for each and every plan they offer. Therefore, you are going to pay the same hosting price forever!

Have a look in one of their hosting plan price details. Here you can see they have the same renewal price as their initial/sale price.

fastcomet hosting review - same renewal price

Other 3 features they offer-

1. There is no hidden or additional charges for future; associated to any of the hosting plans.

2. Further if you are not satisfied with their hosting; then they will provide full refund. They have 45-days money back refund guarantee.

3. You can stop their services in future; without paying any extra charges.

Get FastComet Hosting discount – Special offers

[Free domain for lifetime]

The next amazing and stunning feature of FastComet hosting is that you will get a free domain hositng for lifetime. Generally hosting companies offers Free domain for the first time if you purchase a hosting plan from them.

Like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost offers Free domain with some of their hosting plans, but they will charge almost $15 per year for that domain renewal. And if you book it for the next 5 years they will offer you compound discount at will charge $60.

Whereas, at FastComet domain hosting-

1. You will get a free domain

2. There will be no renewal charges for lifetime [i.e. you will get your domain absolutely free for lifetime]

[FastComet offers open source platforms with amazing features]

FastComet also provides open source hosting solutions with some of the world’s best open source platforms like-

1. WordPress [the best #1]

2. Magento

3. Joomla

4. Drupal

# They also have other open source platforms too – Get the list > Click here

Some amazing features with open source application platforms; they offers-

1. FastComet provides one-click installer for free application installation > You can install in just one-click]

2. They provides free module installations > You can add extra features in your website with the free module installation service]

3. FastComet also provides free template installations > You will get an amazingly looking website with their free template installation service]

4. They offer free application upgrade service to keep secure your database > Which upgrades and keep up-to-date all your open source applications]

5. FastComet also offers free virus scan and malware protection for your website > This will audit your site security and remove the malware

6. They also have ‘free application firewall’ feature which stops attackers and web threats who tries to reach your website

FastComet Hosting Review – The best SSD Cloud hosting

[FastComet has user friendly hosting environment]

FastComet has an amazing user dashboard and Panel to access all hosting related solutions!

1. You can manage your accounts, orders and billing from any device [phone, tablet, laptop, desktop], anytime.

2. You will get 100 % responsive client control area to access all your details

3. You will get 24 x 7 technical support with their experienced staff related to every area [domain, hosting, security, sales, billing, technical issues, etc.]

4. You will receive real time notifications via mail or messages [never miss a single update]

[FastComet offers daily and weekly backups with monitoring]

1. FastComet provides backups for files, emails and databases on daily and weekly basis

2. They have ‘Proactive Monitoring’ feature which prevents from web hosting issues and provides excellent and uninterrupted website performance

3. They have a 99 % uptime server history

[They have their servers in different locations, geographically]

Across the globe they have data centers on different locations-

Chicago, US North
Dallas, US Central
London, UK Europe
Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
Singapore, Asia-Pacific
Tokyo, Japan, Asia

[Now some customers/clients testimonials and reviews related to their experience with FastComet hosting]

Checkout the screenshots taken from internet different sources. Here you can see clients are writing reviews and comments related to their hosting experience with FastComet. These clients are from different locations.

fastcomet hosting users review 1

fastcomet hosting users review 2

fastcomet hosting users review 3

fastcomet hosting users review 4


FastComet review – Different plans you may choose as per your requirements [With official website links]

# FastComet Cloud VPS hosting [for business websites] – click here

# FastComet shared hosting [for personal websites] – click here

# FastComet managed dedicated servers [for large organizations] – click here

# FastComet wordpress hosting – click here

# FastComet Magento hosting – click here

# FastComet Drupal hosting – click here

# FastComet Joomla hosting – click here

300×250 High-Performance SSD Cloud (animated)

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