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By | January 15, 2018

In the previous competitive exam preparation class we have discussed some general awareness GK questions answers related to subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography. If you have missed the previous class SET 1 then you can get it here > Click here

In today’s GK Questions answers Class SET 2, we will cover the next gk questions answers series. Here we will discuss topics like-

  • English
  • General awareness questions answers

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So, let’s start!


GK questions answers – SET 2



As we all know that English has become a mandatory part in competitive exams. Whether it be state level exam or central level exam, 25 percent of the questions cover the English section. In English section, questions are asked from various parts like preposition, synonym, antonym, error corrections, fill in the blanks, sentence rearrangement, phrasal verbs, etc.

Here we are covering some questions answers from the english section! We have also explained each and every meaning for each questions to make you understand well.

1. The word ‘pride’ is used to describe a group of

a. Elephants

b. Tigers

c. Lions

Ans. c

Special notes-

> Pride = lions family unit including three or more males and females, young lions


2. Choose the opposite meaning word [antonyms] from the following options-

– There is abundant scope for improvement

a. Ample

b. Copious

c. Eternal

d. Scarce

Ans. d

Special notes-

> Abundant meaning is available in large numbers

> Therefore its opposite would be scarce which means insufficient


– The possibility of failure was imminent

a. Inherent

b. Remote

c. Immediate

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Imminent means about to happen, coming

> Therefore its opposite meaning would be remote which means distant, far away


– His point was lost amid the cacophony

a. Music

b. Silence

c. Crowd

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Cacophony means mixture of noise

> Therefore its antonym opposite word would be silence


3. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions

– He held his breath …………….. several minutes

a. on

b. for

c. at

d. from

Ans. b


– He is ……….. the phone right now

a. in

b. on

c. at

d. to

Ans. b


4. Choose the similar word [synonyms] from the following options

– Inadvertent

a. Adversity

b. Unintentional

c. Intentional

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Inadvertent means accidentally, without planning

> Therefore its synonym would be unintentional


– Incognito

a. Candid

b. Disguised

c. Opposed

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Incognito means a person with false identity

> Therefore its synonym would be disguised which means mask, hide, conceal


– Embezzle

a. Steel

b. Steal

c. Honesty

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Embezzle means rob, steal


5. Fill in the blanks with the correct words

– He would always …………….. the police

a. illude

b. elude

c. delude

Ans. b

> elude = escape from


– The last …………….. will be performed by members of the family only

a. right

b. rite

c. wright

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Rite means religious ritual, ceremony 


– A person of outgoing nature is known as ……………….

a. Stoic

b. Extrovert

c. Megalomaniac

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Extrovert means socially confident person


– You should …………….. her case as a precedent

a. site

b. cite

c. sight

Ans. b

Special notes-

> cite = refer to as evidence


6. Choose the correct Idiom, phrases and one word substitution


– She is a little under the weather today

a. feeling excited

b. felling unwell

c. feeling sad

Ans. b


– Tour de force

a. grand tour

b. long tour

c. masterpiece

Ans. c

> Very important question


– I gave him a piece of my mind

a. Expressed love

b. Fell in love

c. Expressed anguish

Ans. c

General Awareness section [GK Questions answers]


1. Who invented Radioactivity

Ans. Henri Becquerel

Special notes-

> The SI unit of radioactivity is Becquerel [Bq], and that was named after him

2. Which state has the largest forest area

a. Madhya pradesh

b. West bengal

c. Andhra pradesh

Ans. a

Special notes-

> More than 30% area is covered by forest

> Very important question


3. Gun was invented by

Ans. Richard gatling


4. First electric light invented by

Ans. Humphry davy


5. 23rd governor of RBI is

a. Raghuram rajan

b. Urijit patel

Ans. b


6. Who is also known as frontier gandhi

a. Abdul gaffar khan

b. Lala lajpat rai

c. Dada bhai naoroji

Ans. a

> Very important question


7. Parliament of Japan is known as

a. Diet

b. Federal assembly

c. Democratic

Ans. a

> Very important


8. Name the bacteria which converts milk into curd

Ans. Lacto bacillus


9. Saina nehwal related to which sports

a. Badminton

b. Lawn tennis

c. Table tennis

Ans. a


10. Computer mouse invented by

a. Douglas engelbart

b. Charles babbage

Ans. a


11. Highest civilian award in India

a. Bharat ratna

b. Padma vibhushan

c. Padma bhushan

Ans. a

Special notes-

> Rank wise civilian awards in India [asked in all major competitive exams]

1st – Bharat ratna

2nd – Padma vibhushan

3rd – Padma bhushan

4th – Padma shri


12. Who is the Supreme commander of all 3 defense services in India [Indian Navy, Army, Airforce]

a. Prime minister

b. General

c. Colonnel

d. President

Ans. d


13. Who invented fountain pen

Ans. Petrache poenaru


14. Unit of Force

a. Decibel

b. Newton

c. m/s

Ans. b


15. Unit of Stress

a. Pascal

b. Candela

c. Kelvin

Ans. a


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